During the reign of 2-stroke motorcycles in Malaysia, one particular sports motorcycle stands out from the rest. That motorcycle is none other than the Honda NSR150RR, wholly assembled in Thailand and imported into Malaysia by Boon Siew Honda (BSH).

The NSR150RR’s entry into Malaysia from 1997 was timely as it was during the reign of 5-time 500cc Worod Champion Michael Doohan, who was gunning for his fourth consecutive premier class title, which he clinched by being the first rider ever to win 12 races in a single season onboard his 1997-edition of the Honda NSR500 V4 Screamer 2-stroke.

With that kind of sporting success, the NSR150RR was snapped up by eager customers in a short time, even to the surprise of BSH. All these was made possible during the era where the 2-stroke bikes ruled the roads, particularly at the twisty old segments Malaysia has. However, to find a top working condition of a Honda NSR150RR today is not as easy as it sounds as they are either in short supply or the owners aren’t selling them off as yet.

Which comes to why we are featuring this article on a newly-rebuilt unit by an avid NSR150-series owner-cum-enthusiast, Rauzan Surip of Lindungan Motor, who owns a motorcycle workshop based at Kampung Lindungan in Selangor state. Rauzan had came across the cast-aside-at-the-bushes NSR150RR (photos, below)while attending the wedding reception of its owner, who happens to be one of his workshop’s customers. The customer told him he had stopped riding the NSR150RR after he had bought the newer Honda RS150R moped, and had no idea where/how to dispose of the NSR bike.

Rauzan offered to buy the bike off him, hoping to rebuilt the bike up to working condition again. The owner agreed, and the rest is history.

Of course, the rebuilding took some time, approximately 5 weeks, mostly due to the ordered spare parts from Thailand and Singapore, to arrive. While waiting for those essential parts, Rauzan dismantle the worn out ones, and started dissembling the engine to clean up the excess dirt, grimes and accumulated 2T waste deposits within. It was quite a task but isn’t a problem for Rauzan as he was a certified senior mechanic for Boon Siew Honda (BSH) before quitting to set-up his current workshop in 1995. And has not looked back since.

Once the parts had arrived, it’s time to respray the colors on them, mimicking the original Tri-Color option of the NSR150RR as Honda was selling it in the beginning.

Finally, all the restoration work is over, and the Honda NSR150RR is as great as new – not 100% perfect in looks but it sure could revved like a brand new model. Rauzan is putting it up for sale at RM5,800 negotiable. He can be contacted via WhatsApp at 012-271-1766. To view the NSR150RR itself, visit Lindungan Motor at:

No: 10, Jalan PJS 6A, Kampung Lindungan 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Posted by Philip Chong

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