Taiwan Excellence represents the best of Taiwanese innovation and is holding the Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week at Plaza Low Yat from the 29th April to 5th May 2019. Plaza Low Yat is the undisputed information technology hub of Kuala Lumpur and the perfect venue for Taiwan Excellence to showcase the many of the most innovative products. Visitors to the event can get up close with 55 innovative solutions by 24 Taiwanese companies.

Visitors can experience products across three main categories throughout the 7-day event, including top-of-the-line e-sports products, lifestyle gadgets and other innovative technologies. Amongst the innovative Taiwanese products on display are the internal SSD that has the largest RGB luminous area on the market from TEAM, the world’s first tri-band 5G omni base station by Accton and the smart retail display solution from Champ Vision Display.

From left to right: Ms. Ooi Haw Voon Shah Alam City Councillor 莎阿南市議員 黃皓汶, Tuan Haji Mesni Mohd Dahlan Director of Sekolah Kebangsaan Subang and Sekolah Rendah Agama Kg Melayu Subang 董事 哈芝么尼穆哈默達蘭, Ms. Irene Tang Director of D Garden Educare Centre D Garden 連鎖幼兒園董事 陳琦美, Dr. Chen Chien-Hung General Director of EleClean Co., Ltd 創淨科技執行長 陳建宏, Ms. Tasha Hsiao Director of Taiwan Trade Centre, KL Representative Office 吉隆坡台灣貿易中心主任 蕭春

Turning Water into Disinfectant

Innovation is at the heart of Taiwanese products and this spirit of excellence can turn even the most mundane everyday item into exciting products with enhanced functionalities. The EleClean Disinfectant is an excellent example of taking an interesting idea to develop an amazing product which turns plain water into disinfectant using only electricity. EleClean Disinfectant impressed many visitors and received collaboration enquiries from major manufacturers including Nova Laboratories. A device that works simply by adding water might sound simple, but there is nothing simplistic in the highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) created within this highly portable spray. The ROS is a type of disinfectant that is highly effective against many common viruses and pathogenic bacteria such as influenza virus, E. coli and enterovirus. Despite the strong disinfecting properties, ROS has been tested to be safe on skin, making it the ideal vanguard against pathogens for everyone.

As a gesture of deepening ties with Malaysia, Taiwan Excellence presented 50 units of portable EleClean Disinfectant Spray and 12 units of the desktop version to Sekolah Kebangsaan Subang, Sekolah Rendah Agama Kg Melayu Subang, D Garden Educare in a ceremony witnessed by Ms. Tasha Hsiao, Director of Taiwan Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur Representative Office.
Shah Alam City Councillor Ms Ooi Haw Voon expressed strong interest in the disinfecting properties of EleClean Disinfectant, especially with the incident of hand-foot-mouth disease in the Klang Valley doubling last year, making it the region with the highest recorded cases in the country last year. She hopes that this innovative technology can form the first line of defence against this highly contagious disease.

Learning Through Hands on Experience

In addition to the impressive products on display, there will also be plenty of exciting events lined up throughout the Hi-Tech Week, including:

Using Gigo blocks to guide children to learn about mechanical principles through a hands-on approach to help them experience the essence of learning in STEM fields;
The Smart Wi-Fi Scanner from Plustek offers cross-platform support for all types of mobile and cloud devices;
Paper Shoot in collaboration with famous blogger Sock Peng, shows how to creat a unique paper camera on your own.;
Vinaera will introduce its Pro Adjustable Electric Wine, the world’s first “adjustable” electronic decanter which brings out the true taste of red wine;
Her Sheng Chang amazes with its Surprise Bottle which can change the texture of any beverage.

KF Leong, director of Algolab, has always kept up to date with the development of Taiwan’s information and communications industry, and has long been impressed with the model of driving economic development through innovations. With smart retailing flourishing in Malaysia, Leong is particularly interested in the ultra-thin double-sided display from Champ Vision Display Inc which he is confident will be a breath of fresh air for Malaysian consumers.

In addition to the amazing products and educational workshops, popular social media influencer Han Xiao Ai will be making an appearance on the May 4 to cover the event. Besides, throughout the week, there will be daily luckydraws through Facebook live to give away Taiwanese award-winning products.

Taiwan Excellence is the highest honour awarded to outstanding Taiwanese innovations based on stringent criteria such as functionality, design, quality and marketing. This year marks the 27th instalment of Taiwan Excellence and it continues to serve as the benchmark for industrial perfection and aspiration for continued innovation. In a bid to further promote the Taiwan Excellence branding, a series of promotional activities are planned in Malaysia this year, including participating in ACHIDEX 2019 this July, Taiwan Expo in Penang, badminton camp and charity run in September, and e-sport tournament in October.

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