2019 is approaching yet you still haven’t get a calendar for next year? Afraid not, Yamaha’s 2019 calendar is here to spice up your 2019. The calendar is titled “Art Of Racing 2019” (AOR2019) which features riders from various racing series like Valentino Rossi and Mavarick Vinales from MotoGP series. If you want one, you better make a move now as it is produced in a limited quantity. The calendar is priced (inclusive of tax) at 2,000 yen (around RM76) for 1 set and 6,800 yen (around RM256) for 4 set. You can get one today at the link below but a friendly reminder it’s from a Japanese website.

There is another desktop calendar which is titled “Racing Calendar 2019” which is produced by Yamaha and Y’s Gear. The desktop calendar only feature the duo rider from MotoGP. This will make sure Rossi and Vinales to monitor you during office working hours. So how much does it cost? Only 1,400 yen (around RM53 and inclusive of tax) if you proceed the order today.

Convinced to get one now? Alright, head to the link below and drop your order. We hope Hong Leong Yamaha Motor could bring in some of this calendar for our local fans to purchase it easier at their dealers.

Link to purchase: Yamaha Racing Calendar

Picture credits: Y’s Gear, Yamaha Corporation

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