REVIEW: Suzuki GSX-S750

The 2017 GSX-S750 made a return to the Malaysian motorcycling market courtesy of its new distributor, Suzuki Motor Sdn Bhd (SMSB), taking over the sales & marketing for the brand previously held by Suzuki Assemblers Sdn Bhd. 

Wait a minute. 

Yes, you read it right. This Suzuki GSX-S750 is a model year 2017 machine, not a 2020 nor 2021 edition. The entire batch has been sold out while you are reading this. 

There’s been no new edition of this inline four motorcycle since its introduction 5 years ago, with specifications and color options remaining the same, without any facelift too. The bonus point is the selling price remains affordable – it goes for just RM40,989, and this is definitely a great selling price when compared to the rival makes on the market. 

At first glance, the GSX-S750 looks intimidating, the front end has the bulky appearance, much like the Kawasaki Z800, making one wonders if slicing thru traffic during rush hour will be an issue. Thankfully, the Suzuki didn’t.

That’s a relief. In fact, the GSX-S750 behaves and handles much like the Kawasaki Z900 when riding thru heavy traffic. Like the Z900, the Suzuki has an excellent center of gravity, making maneuvering thru a congestion a breeze and exciting. 

The GSX-S750 shares the same aluminum footpegs used on the GSX-S1000. Being lightweight and sporty, their black coloring makes them blend in naturally with the machine to give the bike a cool look. 

Inherited directly from a GSX-R supersport machine, the powerful 749cc four-cylinder fuel-injected engine is specially tuned and refined to maximize its potential on the streets and on winding roads. Cutting-edge technologies from the legendary GSX-R series control engine management.  

The downdraft double-barrel Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system ensures efficient combustion and smooth, highly controllable power delivery throughout the engine’s broad power range. Suzuki’s digital ignition system, Idle Speed Control (ISC) and the use of iridium spark plugs contribute to linear throttle response, greater low-end torque production, easier engine startup, lower cold-start emissions, and more stable idling. 

The GSX-S750 boosts the power output of its street-tuned engine over its predecessor, even while making advances that satisfy the stringent Euro 4 emissions regulations and achieve a class-leading level of fuel efficiency at 20.4km/L (4.90L/100km). The fuel tank’s capacity is 16.0-litre, enabling the GSX-S750 a riding distance of approximately 300km – we managed to achieve 328km until the warning gave a reading of 36km range remaining. 

Switches on the handlebars let you select traction control modes and change the LCD information displays on the fly for full control over your Traction Controls (TC) settings and riding environment. The TC has 4 settings – OFF,1, 2 and 3. TC1 is for Sport Riding, TC2 is for City Ride & Winding Roads and TC3 is for Wet/Cold Riding situations. 

Since our test ride didn’t include the track, the TC was mostly set for 2, and when it rains, we had it set to 3. Unfortunately, the TC can’t be set on the fly – the GSX-S750 has to be idle to do so. The maximum horsepower is 115hp, while the acceleration is smooth and precise, the bike is limited to just 196km/h for its Top Speed

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