2019 Honda CB500-series motorcycles launch in Malaysia

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has just launched the Model Year (MY) 2019 Honda CB-series of fuel efficient motorcycles in Malaysia. The motorcycles are the CB500F, CBR500R and the CB500X.

For the 2019 upgrade, all three bikes are equipped with Anti-lock Braking system (ABS) as standard. Other features for these bikes include new rear absorber suspension, assist/slipper clutch, full LED lighting, and modernised LCD instruments with gear position and shift-up indication, which has been set to a default 8,750rpm but can be adjusted in 250rpm increments between 5-8,750 rpm.

The 2019 Honda CB500-series motorcycles’ power train used the same 8-valve, liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine which now produce 37kW @ 8,500rpm with a peak torque of 45Nm @ 6,500rpm. It is designed to be stronger off the bottom and spins readily to redline, delivering a thrilling howl in the process.

All three 2019 Honda CB500-series models feature a light yet strong steel diamond-tube mainframe, which provide rigidity balance in addition to reducing vibration. The shape and position of the engine mount and its close proximity to the swing arm pivot point delivers turning agility and optimum front/rear weight distribution ensures stability.

Added safety measures include an emergency stop signal which activates front and rear hazards upon sudden braking to warm any nearby vehicles, is made standard across the range.

Honda CBR500R

The fully faired Honda CBR500R is designed to give a supersport style riding among the twin-cylinder ‘light middleweight’ trio. The CBR500R has always proven to be fast yet frugal making it an enjoyable bike to ride as well as to negotiate corners.

The 2019 Honda CBR500R features a more aggressive still with straight, wedge-like feature lines and extended lower fairings that emphasize a real sense of speed. The rider’s seat pad and seat unit – plus the upper and side fairings – have been narrowed to improve ergonomics and movement.

Its sharp dual LED headlight complement the overall, Fireblade inspired styling with LED signal indicator to complete the full LED lighting system. The handlebars now clip on beneath the sporty, redesigned top yoke and as a result, the riding position suits the sporty riding characteristic. In addition, the fairing is set lower to give the rider Total Control – the design philosophy for Honda’s super sports range since the 1992 arrival of the Fireblade.

The new Honda CBR500R is be available in a selection of three colour options namely the Grand Prix Red, Max Axis Gray Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

Honda CB500F

The Honda CB500F sport roadster still retains as one of Honda’s finest line-up which incorporate one of Honda’s tried-and-trusted formulas, a twin-cylinder engine wrapped in a simple, lightweight and sporty chassis that can offer maximum fun for rider of all range.

The Honda CB500F has evolved for the year 2019 and features a sharper-looking design language building up from it already aggressive Streetfigthter looks. The side shrouds are integrated along with the fuel tank while the side covers and seat unit added to the bike’s aerodynamics appeal.

For added steering feedback, the CB500F feature a stiffer premium tapered handlebar in addition to a new rear single-tube shock absorber which delivers consistent damping performance and improved control. Its naked form provides the key design elements where the engine is visually well display onto the frame.

Additionally, the engine complements the frame’s rigidity with four frame hangers on the cylinder head. In order to allow for greater airflow, the battery has been reposition further away from the air box intake duct. The exhaust muffler now features dual exit pipes, adding a sportier sounding edge to each pulse.

The Honda CB500F is available in the following colour options; Grand Prix Red, Mat Gun Power Black Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

Honda CB500X

From an urban commuter to a weekend explorer, the 2019 model of the CB500X has been revived as a more sophisticated adventure bikes through sharper styling, updated engine performance and a number of technical improvement.

The 2019 Honda CB500X is redesigned to be much more aggressive with a dynamic adventure style. The aerodynamic has been improved with the high-pressure air flowing around the fairing and screen has been reduced, improving wind protection for the rider at highway speeds.

The 17-inch front wheel has been replaced with a 19-inch which – along with the longer travel suspension – ensures confident, supremely stable handling on rough surfaces. The lightweight aluminium rims are an all new design.

The seat profile too has been slimmed by shaving the shoulders at the front, allowing for easy movement around the machine, and aiding the already comfortable ground reach. To help the CB500X’s manoeuvrability the steering angle has increased 3° to 38° from centred to full lock, and the addition of a gunmetal grey tapered steel handlebar further aids control.

The new Honda CB500X is available in a selection of three colour options namely Grand Prix Red, Mat Gun Powder Black Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

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