School Holiday season during 2023 Petronas Cub Prix Championship

Photos By: Aiemax Madehi

“Hooray! It's the school holiday season!”

And it's a great time to bring the family along to witness motorcycle racing “live” from the track than seeing it on television. In fact, that's precisely what took place for the first two rounds of the 2023 Petronas Cub Prix Championship, which took place during the school holidays, on February 25-26 and March 11-12 at Sepang Circuit and Bandar Sri Jempul respectively!

There's no admission fee required to enjoy both rounds, and parking is free for cars and motorcycles. The spectators comprised mostly of couples and families for Round One held at Sepang Circuit, with audience growing to big families to perhaps the entire clan gathering to watch the races at Bandar Sri Jempul.

Some pictures from the 2023 opening round held at Sepang Circuit:

Main difference between the opening Round One and Round Two is the racing atmosphere – the former was held inside a closed track while the latter was accomplished in an open street circuit specifically fenced off from the public to ensure safety to the spectators. In other words, it's public space outside of the fenced boundary, making the atmosphere livelier.

Attractions which are not possible to be done at Sepang Circuit was possible at Bandar Sri Jempul because usage of the public space is free without the exorbitant rental.

Additional racing action from Sepang Circuit

And those held at Round Two:


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