KMSB launches Kawasaki Z900RS

One of the eagerly-awaited modern-day retro motorcycles, the Kawasaki Z900RS, has been launched in the country by Kawasaki Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (KMSB).

The motorcycles were unveiled during the annual gala night held for KMSB's premium dealers, and the venue for the event in 2018 was the Grand Ballroom at One World Hotel in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

The theme for the night was “Retro” with a Chinese New Year feel as it is still the 12th day of the celebration. There was indeed a retro feel in the atmosphere while the guests and dealers were mingling outside the ballroom prior to be invited inside.

Apart from the 2 variants of Z900RS, there were 2 new accessories unveiled that night albeit at a modest profile. The products were the new Kawasaki's inhouse 4T lubricant, with 10W 40 specs and Kawasaki sunglasses made by Italy's Rudy brand.

Available in 2 variants – Standard and Special Edition (SE), the new Kawasaki Z900RS (Retro Sports) was first announced by the Japanese manufacturer in late 2017 in conjunction with the annual EICMA Show held at Milan in Italy.

The Standard Kawasaki Z900RS comes in a mostly dark green and, black finish while the SE version has red stripes on the fuel tank, and more parts in chrome. Prices for both variants are RM67,900 and RM69,900 respectively inclusive of 6% GST.

Conceived as a homage to the legendary Z1, it is powered by a liquid-cooled 900cc-class In-Line Four – an engine choice that makes the new Kawasaki Z900RS unique in this category.

The newest Z uses the same inline four engine as the Z900 naked sports variant, introduced locally by KMSB a year ago. However, being a retro bike, the engine is retuned for better midrange torque than its naked sports sibling as the Z900RS has a claimed horsepower of 111 vs. the higher amount of 125 available on the Z900.

One interesting fact about the Kawasaki Z900RS is the exhaust pipe. While Kawasaki engines are historically renowned for their great-sounding exhausts, this the first time that Kawasaki has conducted sound research to craft a model’s ideal exhaust note.

Designed to elicit rider response, the sound tuning focused on the engine’s initial roar to life, idling and low-speed riding where the rider is best able to enjoy the exhaust’s deep rumble.


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