The new Honda ADV160 is an evolution from its popular predecessor, ADV150 and upholds its reputation as one of the finest road-cruising scooters available, loaded with advanced features. It is extremely versatile for active daily riders who enjoy adventures across various road conditions. As with the ADV150, the new ADV160 is an adventure scooter, with unique handlebars that are designed for off-road riding, over conventional models.

The all-new Honda ADV160 key features are:

  • New 157cc 4-Valve eSP+ engine that has more power, torque and is also fuel-efficient.
  • New Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) technology embedded to optimize engine power and traction control.
  • Newly engineered Seat Height and higher adjustable windscreen for enhanced cruising comfort.
  • New Tougher Outlook with a Full Digital Panel Meter that provides complete information.
  • New USB Charger in Console Box with 30-liter Under-Seat storage for added traveling convenience.
ADV160 @ Giant Tengkolok Replica in Bukit Putus
ADV160 visiting an Anime Mural in Kuala Lumpur

The ADV160 is even more powerful than its predecessor thanks to an increased engine capacity of 157cc 4-valve eSP+ (enhanced Smart Power Plus) that provides an improved fuel efficiency performance. The power unit produces 14.7 Nm of torque at 6,500rpm and 11.8kW at 8,500 rpm, which gives riders confidence in their daily commutes. Moreover, the motorcycle is equipped with an advanced Idling Stop System (ISS) that has been developed for added fuel efficiency when riding in the city. This ISS feature can be switched off should the rider choose.

Not only does the ADV160 comes with a new engine, but it has also successfully opened a new segment in the premium scooter category and is classier thanks to the high-tech features of the HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control), which the ADV150 doesn't have. The HSTC feature, normally available in motorcycles above 250cc, can detect imminent traction loss in the rear wheel and reduce torque to allow the tire to grip, giving optimum balance for riders on the road.

In our review, the HSTC works quite well, allowing the ADV160 to navigate bends and corners with ease including trickier types. Being an automatic, the ADV160 lacks engine braking, with lower gear selection decided by its programming, the HSTC ensures traction is secure when tackling corners at higher speeds.

ADV160 is compact and lightweight at 133kg

The ADV160’s newly engineered lowered seat height is another key factor for riding comfort which gives an easy ground reach particularly for shorter riders. Its seat height of 780mm and higher adjustable windscreen position makes the ADV160 more relaxed and easier to handle for both short and long-distance riding. A two-step adjustable windshield makes the aerodynamics even better when the air is routed while cruising. We feel the ADV160 is higher than conventional scooters when riding it, for that added advantage when tackling bends and going off-Road.

The ADV160 design delivers a more muscular and sturdier outlook, maintaining the Honda ADV DNA. On the front, the headlight design is portrayed with modern full LEDs and daytime running lights (DRL). The new full digital panel meter provides all essential information on one screen that includes the warning lights giving riders a complete all-in-one view. The ADV160’s overall design has a superior feel and will attract riders to look cool on the road with some big bike essences sowed.

The ADV160 kept the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) feature in the front and a wavy disc brake in the rear for enhancement in the braking system for any emergency occurrences in a variety of riding conditions. Combined with HSTC, makes the ADV160 quick and agile when navigating a busy traffic. We thought the Honda Vario 160 from our recent review, already quite nimble and agile but the ADV160 is even better in this aspect. Unlike the Vario 160, the new ADV160 does it much better, and sharper.

For security features, the Honda ADV160 comes with the Honda Smart Key and alarm system. For added convenience, the motorcycle is equipped with a 5V 2.1A USB charger in the console box, allowing faster charging speed. The Smart Key can be set to switch on the scooter's built-in alarm, which would emit a continuous siren should any movement is detected when the ADV160 is parked. It can also be set to switch off the main ignition button, preventing it from being turned thus disabling any attempt to start the scooter.

The Honda ADV160 comes with a 30-litre storage space under the seat, which is large to store a non-modular full face helmet. Of course, certain makes of modular full face helmet can fit that space but makes opening the latch difficult. When riding, the compartment space is large enough for a backpack and other stuff. Front and rear suspension are provided by Showa. They did their task well where absorbing the various bumps encountered while riding such as speed humps, bumpy stretches and… potholes! There's isn't a need to upgrade the dual Showa rear shocks to any 3rd-party makes. The factory default Federal-brand Trail tyres are pretty decent too.

Those tyres are able to grip the roads, be they of tarmac, gravel and off-road type quite effectively. And wet weather riding is good too as there's no sign of slippage from the rear while navigating on a wet tarmac.

As mentioned earlier, the new ADV160 is agile and quick where handling and performance are concerned. That combination allows for a remarkable lane splitting navigation during traffic congestion. While the width from both ends of its off-road inspired handlebars do seem wide to the rider's view, it is really design with Lane splitting in mind. The height involved in the placement of both handlebars' tips, as well as the position of both front/rear brake levers and ADV160's rear view mirrors are done in a way that would not interfere or scrapping the side-mirror of cars trapped during (see photos above) a congestion.

When nightfall begins, the ADV160's quadruple LED headlights do their job well – the ability to lit up the tarmac upfront is amazing, whether it's normal or Hi-Beam illumination. And the rear end taillight is LED too.

The biggest question to be asked on the ADV160's performance: How does it performs when ride up steeper parts, given its 11.8 kW of horsepower? We had rode the ADV160 up to the top of Genting Highlands, via the famed Batang Kali-Goh Tong Jaya route, and continued thereafter to the top via the resort's own steeply & twisty sections.

ADV160 meeting Golden Rabbits @ Si Thian Gong Temple in Kuala Pilah
ADV160 made it up to Genting Highlands successfully. In background. is First World Hotel

The results? The ADV160 passed the test. Of course, it didn't manage the feat by a speedy ride, far from that. But it did not struggle either. The engine didn't display any notion of struggling to make the climb. It's just a tad slower when compared to riding on a flat surface but still faster than other vehicles plying that route.

What is the ADV160's top speed? This scooter's power is tuned for acceleration and midrange, not so much for top speed performance. For daily commuting and occasional off-road, a rider does not need top speed but better acceleration and good midrange torque, and that's precisely what the ADV160 delivers. The most common riding speed is between 80-110km/h, one finds the ADV160 performs spectacularly at said range. Open the throttle fully, the top speed achievable is 119-122km/h, with rider sitting upright.

The Honda ADV160 is available in a selection of 2 colours, namely Vivacity Red and Mat Charcoal Gray Metallic. This model will be available at all Honda Impian X and Selected Honda Authorised dealerships. It is priced at a non-OTR of RM12,999.

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